New Client Form

Please print and fill out  the New Client  Form in its entirety and bring with you to your appointment.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to finish all paperwork and get your pet "checked in" properly.  The New Client Form can be filled out at Companion Animal Clinic if needed.  It is in PDF and Word format.

Your pets information will be collected when you arrive for your appointment.  Please bring your pets health records including vaccine history and dates given as well as any current medications being used.  If your pet has been seen at another clinic/hospital, you can request our staff  help you to acquire  the proper information needed from that clinic/hospital at the time of appointment set up.

Companion Animal Clinic works hard to accomodate same day appointments. If a same day appointment is not available, you can request to speak to one of our veterinary technicians.  Our veterinary technicians will not give you a diagnosis or offer any medical adivce/treatment over the phone without an veterinary exam, but our technicians can help you to decide if your pet is in urgent need of medical attention.  If our technicians feel your pet is in need of urgent care, they will recommend seeking care at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital or another urgent care facility.


PDF file below requires a PDF reader such as Foxit or Adobe.  

New client form and introduction page


The Word documents below require Word 10.  Wordpad or Notepad will not open correctly

New client form
client form 2019.docx
Microsoft Word document [18.1 KB]
New client introduction information
client intro page.docx
Microsoft Word document [46.5 KB]
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